ETT is the UK’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with offices in the Isle of Man and a partner network agreement in the UK.The core aim of ETT is to be able to bring MVNOs to market faster, within weeks rather than months and at a lower cost, through having market leading technology infrastructure integrated into a UK network, thus offering a fully hosted solution which is a best of breed solution for MVNOs. ETT also provides a rounded solution for its MVNOs by offering enhanced commercial, operational support and fully managed services.

At ETT we work with our MVNO partners at every stage of their development – from verifying the initial proposition through to supporting the final market implementation. And we do that by building Intelligent Alliances.

That means we can provide access to world class mobile networks so that our MVNO partners can be confident of reaching all of their customers, all of the time.

The reason we are so confident in our approach is because we work closely with our MVNO customers at every stage to ensure that their entire operation is a success.

We take an ethical approach to all we do. That means behaving and operating in a way that is good for the partners we work with, good for the industry we are in and good for the MVNOs we support. And of course that’s good news for us too.

For ETT, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about being committed to sustainable economic development by working in partnership with customers, investors, suppliers, regulators, employees and the community. It’s about doing something positive to protect and sustain the environment and how we impact on society as a whole.

Our CSR policy is constantly evolving. Through our partnership with other complementary organisations we are continuously developing and striving to improve our environmental performance to ensure the maximum benefit for everyone involved.

It helps that we are genuinely passionate about eliminating waste and carbon emissions. No aspect of the business is left unscrutinised in this mission.

How ETT is helping the charity sector

ETT understands how difficult it can be for charities to raise sufficient funds via fundraising alone especially in a post-recession climate. That’s why we have developed an affinity-based MVNO package tailored for the not-for-profit sector. As part of our CSR programme, we will provide free consultancy to any registered charity to help them develop their own branded mobile offering. This will be delivered with a fully supported managed service so that the charity can immediately generate revenue and benefit from the revenue made without the risks associated with historic affinity based models.

ETT only works with the best partners in the mobile industry so that the MVNOs we support have the best advice and support available and the best possible chance of success.These like-minded and accredited partners constitute a valuable network of advisors, specialists, innovators and telco ambassadors to businesses and the community as a whole.

We call these partnerships Intelligent Alliances.

Our Network provider has one of the most extensive mobile networks in the world with coverage to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Independent studies also confirm that they have the best mobile network coverage in the UK.

For state-of-the-art billing and CRM we have joined forces with DIGITALK.

DIGITALK offers unrivalled Billing and CRM solutions that will allow MVNOs to develop and maintain close relationships with their own customers and be vigilant and responsive to their changing needs.

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