Owners of aspirational and luxury brands around the world are increasingly using mobile to engage with their customers, both to market new services and to build their brands.

Some have gone so far as to launch branded mobile devices but many more may be missing a trick.

Brand owners can extend their products and services to new markets, generate new revenue streams and create closer, more enduring, relationships with existing and new customers through their own-brand mobile phone service.

That’s why ETT has developed an affinity-based own-brand mobile phone service that leverages the power and unique appeal of brands.

The provision of mobile services allow brands to generate a complementary revenue stream which builds on the brand’s unique appeal in a way that opens up a long-term relationship with customers.

Brand owners providing mobile phone services to their customers can gain new insights into their customers which, when matched with data about purchasing and spend patterns, can provide a platform for innovative marketing and promotional campaigns as well as improving CRM and loyalty schemes.

Even the most exclusive brands increasingly either have a mobile app providing access to their online sales presence, or they are developing one. But the mobile channel is currently a significant marketing cost centre. By launching mobile services brand owners can turn this into a profit centre.

We will look after all technical and operational aspects of setting up and running the service leaving you to develop tailored propositions that can generate immediate take up and call revenue.

We can help ensure your long term success by lowering the barriers to entry and speed to market, providing end-to-end commercial and operational support and by ensuring the full backing of Vodafone UK’s fast and reliable mobile network.

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